Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor MasterServer

Effective May 31, 2014, GameSpy will cease providing all hosted services for all games still using GameSpy. If you have any questions about how this impacts your favorite title please contact the game’s publisher for more information. Thanks for a great ride!

GameSpy Industries, Inc. in

What it means for players and server owners?

It means that after May 31, 2014 - GameSpy masterserver, which keeps list of all online MoH servers will be shut down. In-game browser will stop to work and players won't be able to find new servers to play on.

xNULL team and community decided to create a replacement for default masterserver and created custom Reborn MasterServer that supports MoH:AA/SH/BT and GameSpy protocol in order to save the game we all love so much.

To see solutions and download files, first click here.

Then enter the login of "moh" followed by the password of "reborn" without the quotes.  We had to hide the downloads due to false positives generated by Google's aggressive and non-functional scanning system.

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